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Jan 23, 2018

In the early stages of our careers we learn how to do our jobs, manage office politics and earn promotion. But those habits and behaviours that initially help us advance can become a burden. We end up in meetings because it used to be important to show face, and not because they're an effective use of our time.

In this week's GoodPractice Podcast, Ross G and Owen speak to Dom Price, Futurist at software developer Atlassian, about his approach to 'unlearning' habits and behaviours.

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The Atlassian Team Playbook is available at:

For a fun insight into how Atlassian team members speak to one another, see:

Owen's 'What I Unlearned This Week' covered Johann Hari's Guardian piece on depression. The original article is here: 

And, for balance, the counter argument is here: