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Jan 16, 2018

When we're asked to create a learning solution, how often do we think about the context within which that solution will sit? Design thinking prompts us to take a wider view, collaborating with learners and stakeholders to co-create a course or resource.

On this week's podcast, Connie Malamed from The eLearning Coach podcast joins Ross G and Owen to share her insight into design thinking.

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Harvard Business Review covered design thinking in some detail here:

Connie's NICU and HDX examples from Frog Design can be found at and

We covered agile methodology way back in episode 13. You can listen here:

Owen's 'Little UI Details' Twitter moment recommendation can be found at:

Ross' '1 Second Everyday' video for 2017 is on YouTube at:

You can find out more about Connie by visiting or by listening to The eLearning Coach podcast.