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Feb 8, 2022

Emerging tech will shape the future of how we work. It's just a question of when!

This week on The Mind Tools L&D Podcast, Ger Driesen joins Ross G and Owen to explore what's possible. We discuss:

  • what the metaverse(s) is(are)
  • how blockchain and NFTs can shape the metaverse economy
  • whether your digital avatar needs to look like your physical body.

See Facebook's announcement about their rebrand as 'Meta' at:

Owen referenced Moxie Marlinspike's blog post on web3:

The 'let the tiger eat me' anecdote was taken from:

For a longer discussion on blockchain, with Ger, see our earlier episode 'Blockchain for L&D (Yes, really!)': 

For 'How to Troll an NFT Owner', see:

Mike Howard, of Oculus, has described the difficulty of creating a digital avatar at: 

In 'What I Learned This Week', Owen discussed criticism of Johann Hari's latest book. See: 

You can find out more about Hari at:

Ger shared his thoughts on 'labyrinthitis'.

And Ross discussed survey results on what a 'dream job' looks like: 

You can find more from Ger on LinkedIn and at: 

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