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Sep 14, 2021

Creativity in online learning, agile learning frameworks, the role of HR, and business ethics are just some of the topics we tackle on this week's show as we answer questions from the audience.

Mark Baker asked: Do you think as face-to-face trainers move into more virtual learning, is there a risk that they lose creativity in their learning experiences?

Shilpa Nimbalkar asked: How can L&D experts build an Agile Learning framework that supports business requirements (at scale and speed) and ensures learner experience?

Carl Akintola-Davies asked: Is there any value in workplace learning that isn't tied to strict behavioural outcomes?

Sean Brown asked: When push comes to shove, is HR there for the people or the business?

Sharon Green asked: What role does or could L&D and or HR play in business ethics?

Show notes

Owen referenced the '5Di Learning Design Process', which you can find online at:

And he discussed the 'Concern Task Resource Model':

In What I Learned This Week, Owen discussed the ultra clickbaitly titled academic paper: 'Large Scale Analysis of Multitasking Behavior During Remote Meetings', online at: (Yes, we're going with 'clickbaitly'!)

Gemma discussed Prisoners of Geography, by Tim Marshall: 

Nahdia discussed the death of actor Michael K Williams: 

And Ross shared the podcast 'The Rest is History', hosted by historians Dominic Sandbrook and Tom Holland. Their recent two-part episode on the history of Silicon Valley features Netscape co-founder Marc Andreeseen as their guest: 

Fans of the game Risk may also enjoy Polytopia, available from the App Store: 

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