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Jun 30, 2021

Animations can be beautiful and mesmerising pieces of art. This week on the Mind Tools L&D podcast, Gemma talks to Selina Wagner, Creative Director at Ping Creates, and Ross Garner about how we can use this art form to create impactful learning experiences. 

We discuss:

  • when and where animations can become an effective part of a learning solution
  • the process of designing and creating animations
  • how to think through and overcome challenges

Show notes

Gemma refers to 'Fantasmagorie' - the first animation created. You can watch it, along with other early animations, by exploring  this interactive New Yorker article:

You can read more about Ross' IP discoveries (and his incorrect fact) in the following articles:

Avvo IP discussion: 

The office Licensing Site of Albert Enstein: 

Article about Michael Biehn's image appearing in Alien3: 

Selina's work can be found at Ping Creates:
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