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Oct 15, 2019

The humble course was once the go-to solution for learning and development teams across the world, but in recent years it has suffered from a damaged reputation.

This week on The GoodPractice Podcast, we discuss whether traditional formal learning has a role in the modern workplace. And, if so, when?

To dig into this topic, Ross G and James are joined by author and learning designer Patti Shank.

In this episode we discuss:

  • why courses are so unpopular
  • when a course is a good solution
  • the characteristics of a good course

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The book Ross mentioned, by Don Norman, was The Design of Everyday Things, available on Amazon at:

The learning platform Patti referenced was New Zenler. You can request early access at:

Ross' 'zip file' life hack came from Twitter, courtesy of @Helena_LB via John MacMillan (@_jmac_).