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Dec 18, 2018

Come in and know us better, man! It's time for the GoodPractice Podcast Christmas Special!

Always a holiday favourite (and, for many, the true start of the festive season), this year we're hosting a panel quiz. Rosses D and G are hosting, with Owen Ferguson and Keira Hodge pitted against Jonny Anderson and Jo Cook.

Topics include L&D trends, automation and the end of face-to-face training. And we reveal a definitive answer to the question: 'Did virtual reality transform L&D this year?'

If you'd like to share your thoughts on this episode, you can find us on Twitter @RossGarnerGP, @Ross__Dickie@OwenFerguson, @KezzaFarley, @BioFractal and @LightbulbJo.

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You can find out more about Jo at

If you're wondering what the buzzer noises are, check out episode 49 in evidence-based practice (which also happens to be one of our most popular episodes): 

If you're just looking for a quick definition:

Handschuhschneeballwerfer (n.): a coward willing to criticize and abuse from a safe distance

Fremdschämen (n.): the almost-horror you feel when you notice that somebody is oblivious to how embarrassing they truly are

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We'll be back in the new year. Until then, have a great Christmas!