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Jun 20, 2023

It’s very strange. For years, we’ve been told that people want ‘resources, not courses’. But, when you ask them, it’s longer-term skill development that they’re interested in. 

This week, Mind Tools are launching the most dramatic new content type in our library in years, Skill Bites: a nudge-based approach to course design that leverages spaced repetition, retrieval practice and learner motivation to trigger a measurable change in behaviour. 

So, to dig into how it works, our learning experience guru Gemma is joined by product pro Owen, righteous researcher Gent and cool copy guy Keith to discuss: 

  • How ‘Skill Bites’ work 

  • The product development approach that went into their launch 

  • The mechanisms through which they make a measurable difference – and how we measure it! 

To try Skill Bites, visit and subscribe for a membership. 

In What I Learned this Week, Gent trotted out a well-known fact about negotiation (well known to listeners of this podcast, anyway):  

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