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Feb 27, 2018

This week on the GoodPractice Podcast, we're continuing our discussion around 'design thinking' with a focus on complexity. How can we make the complicated simple? Should this always be our objective? And can we prepare people for chaos?

Learning design guru Julie Dirksen returns to the podcast to share her experiences...

Feb 20, 2018

Machine learning means that computers can teach themselves without the help of a human programmer, offering tremendous opportunities for justice, medicine and - more everyday - Netflix recommendations. In Learning and Development, it's often cited as the hot new tech.

But is our industry ready to embrace such...

Feb 13, 2018

Last week on the podcast we gave our thoughts on the Learning Technologies conference. Today, we ask whether we should resist the urge to jump on the latest tech and focus on learners instead.

Author and consultant Patti Shank joins Ross G and Owen to discuss.

If you'd like to share your thoughts on the show, you can...

Feb 6, 2018

Learning Technologies is Europe's leading conference for those of us working in learning and development, so this week on the GoodPractice Podcast we're sharing our thoughts on the 2018 event.

Ross G, Owen and James discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI), chat bots, Virtual Reality (VR), evaluation and microlearning....