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Dec 20, 2022

Back by popular demand (ish), the Mind Tools L&D Podcast team are wrapping up this year with a tenuous spin on festive favourite Home Alone! This time it isn’t Macaulay Culkin getting left behind: it’s Ross G, Ross D, Nahdia and Owen!

What would WE do if left for Christmas in the L&D department of a large...

Dec 13, 2022

In this episode, we'll be chatting about the common jargon used in the Learning and Development field. We'll break down these phrases and explain what they mean, so you can understand and use them in your own L&D conversations. 

Here are some of the phrases we'll be covering: 

  • Blended learning: This refers to...

Dec 6, 2022

‘Big data’ promised us an end to uncertainty, but we realise now that this is a myth. Uncertainty will always remain, and intuition can help us navigate it.

That’s the claim of Oded Netzer, one of the authors of Decisions Over Decimals: Striking the Balance Between Intuition and Information. On this week’s...

Nov 29, 2022

This October saw cities across Scotland play host to the first ever ‘Scottish Games Week’, a nationwide event featuring a conference, an education symposium, and awards show. What lessons from that event can the organisers share with the L&D community? 

This week on The Mind Tools L&D Podcast, Gemma and Sam...

Nov 22, 2022

At Mind Tools, we pride ourselves on our ability to create visually rich learning experiences that drive performance. Often, these experiences will include a mix of video, audio, and illustration. But why do these things matter? And how do they serve the outcomes we define with our clients?

This week on The Mind Tools...