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Apr 5, 2022

In this podcast, you'll learn:

  • what learning outcomes are
  • how to write learning outcomes
  • and why presenting outcomes as a bulleted list is boring at best, and ineffective at worst.

But seriously, this week join Ross D, Ross G, Tracey and Sean as they explore the characteristics of good learning outcomes and their connection to business objectives.

For more on this topic, see Dr Will Thalheimer's blog 'Rethinking Instructional Objectives':

For more on 'advance organizers', see: Gurlitt, J. (2012). Advance organizer. Encyclopedia of the sciences of learning, 148-151. Online at:

In 'What I Learned This Week', Ross G discussed the Peter Principle, and why there are so many bad bosses. Check out Freakonomics for details: 

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