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Dec 1, 2020

Author, speaker and presenter Kevin M. Yates last joined The Good Practice Podcast back in episode 117 to share his insights into whether we can measure the impact of training. This week, he's back with a new e-book to help you do just that.

This week on the show, Kevin joins Ross G and Owen to unpack his L&D Detective Kit for Solving Impact Mysteries.

We discuss:

  • the secrets behind why impact often isn't measured
  • how impact measurement starts with planning upfront
  • the basics of good survey design.

Show notes

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Our Learning Health Check is open until the end of December. This free tool will help you benchmark your organisation against others. Try it now! 

You can download The L&D Detective Kit, for free, from Kevin's website at: 

You can find more from Kevin at his website ( or on LinkedIn ( 

The paper that Owen recommended was: Denrell, J., & Kovács, B. (2020). The Ecology of Management Concepts. Strategy Science. Available online at: 

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