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Jan 21, 2020

The LPI recently surveyed learning leaders, asking them to name their toughest workplace challenges. The results? Creating a learning culture, developing the workforce of the future, digital transformation and digital learning, leadership and management development, and self-directed learning.

This week on The GoodPractice Podcast, Owen and Ross G are joined by LPI CEO Ed Monk to discuss what these findings mean for learning organisations.

We discuss:

  • increased confidence among learning professionals
  • the meaning of 'learning culture' and how it is created
  • and the longer-term meaning of 'performance'.

If you'd like to share your thoughts on the show, you can find us on Twitter @RossGarnerGP@OwenFerguson, and @EdmundMonk.

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The LPI are online at: and run a free social network at:

The article that discussed Ed, Owen and Ross discussed was 'Driving performance through learning in 2020', from TrainingZone, available online at:

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The film that Ross recommended was 1917, directed by Sam Mendes.