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Jan 14, 2020

Can learning and development ever adopt the same rigour as clinical research? And how should we judge the usefulness of existing research?

This week on The GoodPractice Podcast, Ross G and Owen welcome return guest Mirjam Neelen to discuss her new book (co-written with Paul A. Kirschner): Evidence-informed learning design

We discuss:

  • the problems with research into learning
  • the mis-use of terms like 'neuroscience' to justify beliefs
  • the difference between corporate learning and academia.

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Mirjam's book is available from Kogan Page and she blogs at:

The blog Mirjam referenced, by Robert Slavin, was 'Why Can’t Education Progress Like Medicine Does?', available online at:

The Willingham (2012) book Mirjam referenced was When Can You Trust the Experts?, available from Amazon ( but summarised here: 

The summary of the 'growth mindset' debate, referenced by Owen, is online here: 

Ross' recommendations were:

  • 11.22.63 (novel), by Stephen King
  • Little Women (film), directed by Greta Gerwig
  • and Dolly Parton's America (podcast), available on all your usual podcast feeds.