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Mar 12, 2024

Today’s workplace is one where change is the norm. Learning is critical in this environment, but supporting learning isn’t just about creating content. 

In this week’s episode of The Mind Tools L&D Podcast, JD Dillon joins Ross Dickie and Ross Garner to discuss his book, The Modern Learning Ecosystem. We cover: 

  • Why JD’s book includes ‘learning’ in its title, even though it’s not really about learning; 

  • The role of influence, and what L&D can do to earn it; 

  • The six key tasks of L&D, and how to build a modern learning ecosystem. 

To find out more about The Modern Learning Ecosystem, head to 

In ‘What I Learned This Week’, Ross G referenced The Long Goodbye to Saturn’s Ring’, published in The Atlantic. 

JD mentioned the Space 220 restaurant at Disney World, and talked about how he is using Yousician to learn guitar. 

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