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Jun 6, 2023

In The Resilience Handbook, occupational psychologist and author Sukh Pabial outlines three elements which can make us more resilient: positive psychology, emotional intelligence and mindfulness. But is this something we can only develop on our own, or can L&D build the resilience of others?

In this week’s episode of The Mind Tools L&D Podcast, Sukh joins Ross G and Owen to discuss:

·       how inner work is a pre-requisite to being able to help others

·       the extent to which L&D teams running webinars, workshops and courses can help others build resilience

·       the organizational conditions that lead to more resilient teams.

You can find Sukh’s book online at:

During the discussion, Sukh referenced Google’s ‘Project Aristotle’. See:

In ‘What I Learned this Week’, Owen discussed the impact of exercise on health: Singh, B., Olds, T., Curtis, R., Dumuid, D., Virgara, R., Watson, A., ... & Maher, C. (2023). Effectiveness of physical activity interventions for improving depression, anxiety and distress: an overview of systematic reviews. British Journal of Sports Medicine. See:

Sukh discussed Lior Locher’s blog ‘One week in the life of mobility restriction and experiences with the general public’. See:

Ross discussed Ezra Klein’s article ‘Beyond the “Matrix” Theory of the Mind’. See:

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