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Aug 8, 2017

In learning and development we often accept an organisation's design without criticism. But, if we're in the business of improving performance, don't we have a responsibility to challenge that design if we think it will help?

This week on the GoodPractice Podcast, Mark Britz from the eLearning Guild joins Ross G and Owen to discuss how far we should push against organisational structures and processes.

If you'd like to share your thoughts on the show, you can find Mark on Twitter @Britz, Ross @RossGarnerGP and Owen @OwenFerguson.

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Details of Dave Snowden's Cynefin framework can be found here:

For more on Harold Jarche, see his website:

The Realities360 conference ran from July 26 - 28 this year. See the website for details:

Owen's disputed Netflix anecdote can be read about at Digital Spy:

We pass no judgement on Adam Sandler's movies, but The Verge has an article titled: 'Netflix accuses its users of watching 500 million hours of Adam Sandler films'. Read it here:

The Onion's story - 'How Bad For The Environment Can Throwing Away One Plastic Bottle Be?' 30 Million People Wonder - can be read here:

Ross recommended the film Plastic Ocean on Netflix, as an emotional jolt that has made him recycle a lot more. If you want to act as a commitment device, tweet him with the hashtag #IsRossRecycling?