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Nov 21, 2023

Instructional designer and author Julie Dirksen’s first book, Design for How People Learn, is a core text here at Mind Tools Towers. So we couldn’t wait to speak to her about her follow-up: Talk to the Elephant: Design Learning for Behavior Change.

This week on The Mind Tools L&D Podcast, Julie joins Ross Garner and Owen Ferguson to discuss:

  • What Julie means by the ‘rider’ and the ‘elephant’
  • The many (often good) reasons that people don’t do what they are told
  • Approaches for designing workplace learning that leads to behavior change.

During the discussion, Ross referenced an article on willpower from the American Psychological Association. A word of caution, this is from 2012.

Owen referenced Ferinand F Fournies’ book Coaching for improved work performance.

In ‘What I Learned this Week’, Owen discussed the CMI’s report ‘Taking responsibility – Why UK PLC needs better managers’.

Ross discussed the collective names for animals, from X user @CulturalTutor.

Owen also promoted Ross’ newsletter, The L&D Dispatch, and we mentioned a recent post on how to reduce the cost of compliance training.

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