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Nov 14, 2023

The menopause, a natural transition that women experience, is finally becoming an open discussion topic in more communities. Does this mean that women have the understanding and support they need to thrive during this time of their lives? 

In this episode of The Mind Tools L&D Podcast, Gemma is joined by coach Jayne Saul-Paterson, and Nahdia Khan to discuss women’s experiences and how they can be improved.

We talked about:

·       The workplace difficulties experienced by some women during their menopause transition

·       How women can seek help during this time

·       How organisations can better support women.



Jayne referenced several resources during the episode. 


The BSI Group’s ‘Understanding menopause and menstrual health – Guide’


NICE Guidance Menopause: diagnosis and management


Fawcett Society report Menopause and the Workplace


balance’s Menopause homepage and Menopause at Work survey results


In What I Learnt this Week, Nahdia noted important points from the Better Management Report: ‘Taking Responsibility – why UK plc needs better managers’

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