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Jan 10, 2023

In January, many of us like to take stock, reflect on the last twelve months, and make plans for the year ahead. In this spirit, we’re kicking off 2023 with a few early insights from our Learning Performance Benchmark.

On the podcast this week, Ross D is joined by Gent Ahmetaj and Anna Barnett from our Insights team to discuss the state of the profession, and what this means for L&D practitioners. We cover:

  • what the Learning Performance Benchmark is, and the value benchmarking offers organizations
  • early insights from this year’s Benchmark report, with a focus on capabilities, barriers, and strategy

To learn more about the Learning Performance Benchmark, or to start benchmarking your organization’s L&D capabilities, head to:

In WILTW, Anna recommended the game ‘Settlers of Catan’:

Gent described how he was led astray by a fake research paper, cited by ChatGPT. You can generate your own A.I. truths and lies at:

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