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Mar 8, 2022

Today is International Women's Day and we're celebrating it in partnership with Working Chance, a UK-based charity set up to help women with criminal convictions to find jobs. Today on The Mind Tools L&D Podcast, Gemma and Nahdia talk to Helen Sweet, Head of Employability at Working Chance. We discuss:

  • Employability barriers facing women with convictions
  • What the Employability Programme comprises
  • How you can support Working Chance

To go directly to Working Chance's BIG GIVE campaign for International Women’s Day, please visit You can also find out more about Working Chance via its social media channels:

Nahdia's discovery about our changing sleep patterns came from "The forgotten medieval habit of 'two sleeps'" article from the BBC. You can read it by following this link

Gemma's bog factoid came from the Scottish Wildlife Trust's 50 for the Future publication. The 'Peatland blanket bogs' article is online at

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