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Jun 22, 2021

We're trying something new! For five years, The Mind Tools L&D Podcast (formerly The Good Practice Podcast) has enjoyed a conversational format. Today, for this anniversary special, we thought we'd try emulating the documentary-style podcasts we love: This American LifeFreakonomics and Radiolab.

So this week we're asking: What can L&D learn from product management?

We're speaking to independent consultants Myles Runham and Sukh Pabial, as well as Venndorly founder Danny Seals and Legal & General's Gemma Paterson.

We discuss:

  • what product management is
  • what L&D can learn from product management
  • what 'the product' is in L&D - is it L&D itself?

Show notes

Myles has written extensively on product management on his blog, at: 

Sukh also wrote about the role of a product manager in L&D at: 

The product that Danny's working on is Venndorly: 

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