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May 4, 2021

If you work in L&D or HR and are looking to procure any kind of service, how do you know who to trust? If you work for a vendor or supplier, what approach do you take?

On this week's episode of The Good Practice Podcast, Ross G is joined by L&D buyer Gemma Paterson and L&D seller Danny Seals to explore vendor relationships.

We discuss:

  • the characteristics of great supplier relationships
  • making the most of conference exhibitions
  • the importance of recommendations.

Show notes

Some of the stats Danny referenced were taken from this infographic by Invesp: 

The importance of customer reviews is further covered by Econsultancy at: 

The difficulties created by the 'Spotify Model' are discussed here: 

In 'What I Learned This Week', Gemma spoke about Hans Rosling's book Factfulness:

Rosling's TED talk is online at: 

The podcast that Ross recommended was 'Great Minds on Learning: The Cognitivists with Donald Clark', available online at: 

You can find more about Danny's recommendation service, Venndorly, at: 

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