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Feb 9, 2021

Does your HR team add value to your organisation? Has HR spend spiralled out of control? Does HR's willingness to become the mouthpiece of bad news let leaders off the hook?

In this week's episode of The Good Practice Podcast, Laurie Ruettimann - host of the Punk Rock HR podcast - joins Ross G and Owen to discuss.

Show notes

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You can find out more about Laurie, her podcast and her book, at: She also discusses defunding HR on YouTube ( and how this idea relates to 'defund the police' in episode 121 of her podcast (

In What I Learned This Week, Owen spoke about employee engagement. The CIPD's report 'Employee Engagement: Definitions, measures and outcomes' is available at: And the article from Forbes was 'In Defense of Unmotivated Workers', online at:

Ross discussed a worrying trend in reviews of scented candles:  

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