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Feb 2, 2021

What L&D trends, tropes and clichés would you put into Room 101? Back in 2019, we cast the misappropriation of 'agile', learning styles, and cheesy stock imagery into oblivion. Nearly two years on, we've decided it's high time for another clear-out! 

This week on the Good Practice Podcast, Ross D is joined by Owen, Gemma and Ross G to make the case that existential crises, gratuitous fun and retrofitted 'evidence' all belong in Room 101.

Show notes

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The app Owen mentioned is Hush - Noiseless Browsing:

The book Gemma received for her birthday was Word Perfect by Susie Dent, available from all good booksellers.

Ross G referenced the calorie-burning prowess of chess grandmasters:

... he also talked about Cloudflare's novel approach to data encryption:

... and made up some stuff about Rasputin, which is corrected here:

Ross D made some less dubious Rasputin-related claims about the origins of 'this is a work of fiction' movie disclaimers:

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