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Sep 29, 2020

A lot of ink has been spilt over the issue of workplace learning: what it is, when and why it happens, and the impact it has on organizations. But what does it mean to learners themselves?

This week on the Good Practice Podcast,  Ross D is joined by Owen and Emerald Works CEO John Yates to discuss our forthcoming 'Learner Intelligence Report'. We cover:

  • what/who motivates learners to seek out development opportunities
  • the role L&D can play in facilitating self-directed learning
  • how Covid-19 has amplified or reversed the trends of the past few years

Show notes 

For more from us, including access to our back catalogue of podcasts, visit There, you'll also find details of our award winning performance support toolkit, our off-the-shelf e-learning, and our custom work. It's also the best place to keep up with news on the Learner Intelligence Report.

The book John mentioned was The Overstory by Richard Powers. 

If, like Ross D, you enjoy spending time alone in the wilderness, you should definitely download the What Three Words app:

Ross D also mentioned Driving Performance Through Learning by Andy Lancaster, which the Custom Learning team at Emerald Works are studying in their book club. 

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