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Sep 1, 2020

We're five months on from the start of the UK Government's 2020 furlough scheme, so this week on The Good Practice Podcast we're discussing what it's been like for those who have experienced it.

Knowledge Pool's Scott Fellows joins Gemma and Ross G to share his story, while David Hayden from the CIPD shares more general insights into how people have experienced the scheme.

We discuss:

  • how organizations have supported employees who are furloughed
  • what we've learned about how people adapt to dramatic change
  • support available to organizations and individuals at this time

Show notes

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The CIPD's Coronavirus hub is online at:

Mind Tools' COVID-19 support page is online at:

Scott blogs at: and has collected free learning experience design tools at 

In What I Learned This Week, Ross G shared a blog from The People Experience Hub about word clouds:

David shared an online percentage calculator: 

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