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Jul 28, 2020

This week on The Good Practice Podcast we're joined by instructional designer Cara North, who shares her experiences of working in both corporate and Higher Education environments.

What are the similarities? What are the differences? And what can these two domains learn from each other?

We discuss:

  • the impact of working with subject matter experts who are educators
  • designing for students vs designing for colleagues
  • the learner as consumer.

Show notes

You can find out more about Cara at:

Cara referenced Cammy Bean's book The Accidental Instructional Designer, available from Amazon:

James referenced a number of researcher/practitioners who write publicly about instructional design and online learning. These were: Jane Bozarth, Jane Hart, Harold Jarche, and Clark Quinn. Ross would add Will Thalheimer and Patti Shank to that list.

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In What I Learned This Week, James bemoaned the number of 'no shows' to UK restaurants:

Cara recommended Kath Ellis and Kim Tuohy's learning design competition 'The Show', with episodes available on YouTube: 

From this, Cara learned about the apps Appy Pie ( and WebFlow (

Ross shared his 70(plus)-year-old "hot take" on Disney's back catalogue, giving capsule reviews of Snow White (1937, 83 minutes), Pinocchio (1940, 88 minutes), Bambi (1942, 70 minutes) and Cinderella (1950, 74 minutes). All available on Disney+.

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