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Jul 7, 2020

In this special episode of The Good Practice Podcast, we say farewell to retiring CEO Peter Casebow.

Joined by Nicola, Owen, James and Ross G, Peter reflects on what's changed in workplace learning, and what hasn't.

We discuss:

  • the early days of digital learning
  • how GoodPractice introduced 'performance support' before there was a term for it
  • our memories of Peter as CEO.

Show notes

Ross shared news of the death of Professor K. Anders Ericsson. You can read about his career here: 

Nicola shared a story about the evolution of foxes: 

And for Peter's last 'What I Learned This Week', he discussed the book On The Trail of Wolves by Philippa Forrester, available from Amazon: 

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Apologies for Ross' poor audio throughout.