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Jun 30, 2020

In the past few months, many organisations have completely changed their approach to L&D because of the COVID-19 situation. But to what extent were these changes already in the pipeline? What has worked and what hasn't? And how long-lasting will these changes be?

This week, Alan Brown, Learning and Development Consultant at Standard Life Aberdeen, joins Nicola Boyle and Owen Ferguson to share his team's experiences.

We discuss:

  • How Standard Life Aberdeen moved their global L&D offering to virtual
  • How to combat the challenges and measure the success of switching to virtual
  • How permanent this transition to virtual will be

Show notes

The podcast Nicola mentioned is How to Fail by Elizabeth Day - the Mo Gowdat episode on managing anxiety through the COVID-19 situation can be found here -

The Twitter thread on 'meetings light fortnight' from Gem Dale (@HR_Gem) that Owen referred to can be found here

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