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Dec 16, 2019

This week on The GoodPractice Podcast, it's the return of our much beloved Christmas episode! This year, GoodPractice guardian angels Nicola, Owen, Ross G and Ross D share their favourite clips from the past year in an effort to help Bedford Falls' own George Bailey rediscover his love of learning and development.

We discuss:

  • the L&D community
  • behaviour change
  • remote working
  • learning analytics
  • and women in learning.

The episodes we referenced were:

Podcast 150 — Live from London: The past, present and future of learning!, with Andy Lancaster (

Podcast 137 — What will be hot in workplace L&D in 2019?, with Don Taylor (

Podcast 168 — Inside ‘Messengers’: Are attractive people more believable?, with Joseph Marks (

Podcast 157 — Why should we care about behaviour change?, with Julie Dirksen (

Podcast 152 — How can we support remote workers?, with Chris Coladonato (

Podcast 158 — Attention spans: With apologies to goldfish, with Jonathan Marshall (

Podcast 163 — Evidence: The No. 1 L&D detective agency, with Rob Briner (

Podcast 145 — Women in learning special, with Barbara Thompson and Sharon Kaliouby (

Referenced, but not played, were:

Podcast 146 — How do people learn?, with Nick Shackleton-Jones (

Podcast 171 — If only I had the time: achieving work-life balance, with Stephanie Hubka (

In What I Learned This Week, we discussed:

With apologies to James Stewart and Frank Capra.