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May 1, 2018

In our second LIVE episode, Ross G and Owen pitched up on the first night of the CIPD Learning and Development Show to ask: What is the state of our profession in 2018?

We tackled this question in front of a live audience of L&D professionals, with special guests Andy Lancaster from CIPD; Jo Cook from Training Journal; and Phil Willcox from Emotion at Work.

If you want to share your thoughts on the show, you can tweet us at @RossGarnerGP and @OwenFerguson, or @GoodPractice and @GoodPracticeAus.

To find out more about GoodPractice, visit

Our guests can be found @AndyLancasterUK, @LightbulbJo and @PhilWillcox.

The CIPD 'UK Working Lives' survey for 2018 is available at: 

CIPD's joint research with Towards Maturity, 'Driving the New Learning Organisation', is: 

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Jo summarised her ideas in a couple of blog posts for Training Journal. Part 1 is at:

Part 2 is at:

She also referenced LinkedIn Learning's '2017 Workplace Learning Report':

And Leo's 'Measuring the Business Impact of Learning - 2018 Survey Results': 

The papers Owen cited were:

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Jeff Bezos' letter to shareowners is online at: 

Marni from Google referenced a paper on the 'hidden curriculum in digital education':

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