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Nov 7, 2023

Healthcare is a difficult environment to work in, where decisions literally mean life or death. Combine that pressure with diverse roles, shift-based workers and difficulty getting time away from the frontline - and you have less-than-ideal conditions to promote learning and career development.

So how do you support colleagues if you have an L&D role in such an organisation?

In this week’s episode of The Mind Tools L&D Podcast, Ross Garner is joined by UMass Memorial Health’s Liz Ferro, Diana Avery and Matt Pfleger to discuss:

  •  the role of digital in engaging non-desk-based workers
  • how to create space for people in stressful jobs to learn and develop
  • whether working in an evidence-based environment leads to more evidence-based learning design.

During the discussion, Matt referenced a project that the team worked on with Ross. You can see an overview of that project on YouTube and in our case study.

In ‘What I Learned This Week’, Matt referenced a Family Guy clip, which is available online.

Liz discussed how you can remove a background from a video in After Effects, even when you didn’t use a green screen.

Diana referenced UMass Memorial Health’s mindfulness programs.

And Ross discussed President Joe Biden’s Executive Order on AI, as well as Nicholas Thompson’s concerns that it would stifle competition.

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