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Jul 18, 2023

It’s been 20 years since the launch of the Learning Performance Benchmark: the industry-leading tool for measuring the health of the L&D profession. And, to celebrate, Ross G is joined on this week’s Mind Tools L&D Podcast by some of the key players in that story.

Laura Overton, Founder of Learning Changemakers and Co-Creator of Emerging Stronger, set up the Benchmark in the first place.

Nahdia Khan, Chief Impact Officer of Mind Tools, is responsible for the Benchmark today.

Dr Anna Barnett, Senior Researcher at Mind Tools, analyses and writes up the Benchmark data.

And Michelle Ockers​, Organisational Learning Strategist & Learning Team Capability Builder, Founder of Learning Uncut and Co-Creator of Emerging Stronger​ uses the Benchmark with her clients - so can give insight into its practical application for learning teams.

We discuss:  

·       L&D’s changing relationship with social media

·       The surprising decrease in blended learning

·       The impact of the pandemic on where L&D spends its time.

To read our 20th anniversary report, visit:

To take the Benchmark, see:

During the discussion, Michelle referenced the book Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman.

In ‘What I Learnt This Week’, Nahdia discussed ‘L&D's role in employee wellbeing: A 2023 survey’:

Laura recommended the book Beyond Measure by James Vincent.

Ross recommended season 3 of the podcast Not Playing With Lex and Dan:

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