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Jul 11, 2023

Cognitive diversity brings enormous benefits to teams. How can we proactively recruit and support people who are neurodivergent?


In this week's episode of The Mind Tools L&D Podcast, speaker and trainer Reena Anand speaks to Gemma and Ross about neurodiversity, barriers to inclusion and what we can do to topple those barriers.


·       what neurodiversity is

·       the intersection of neurodivergence and race

·       how managers and L&D can create neuroinclusive environments.


During the podcast, Reena referenced a couple of research papers.


Birkbeck University of London’s ‘Neurodiversity at Work 2023’ report can be downloaded here: 


Research by Cambridge University, Maastrict and Newcastle Universities titled ‘Association of Race/Ethnicity and Social Disadvantage With Autism Prevalence in 7 Million School Children in England’ looking at interrelation of autism and race/ethnicity can be accessed here:


Reena has also provided a link to a case study on the Wells Fargo Neurodiversity Program that we didn’t have time to discuss on the podcast. Read it here


You can find out more about Reena’s work by visiting her website or LinkedIn page



In ‘What I Learnt This Week’, Ross told us about the phenomenon of “Car brain”. Read The Atlantic’s article ‘Everyone has ‘Car brain’’ here



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