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Apr 25, 2023

In case you’ve missed it, 2023 has become the year when automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) started displacing cognitive and creative work. Chat-GPT, DALL-E and other tools are becoming ubiquitous, so this week we’re asking how L&D and HR should respond. 

To answer this question, Owen and Ross D are joined on The Mind Tools L&D Podcast by Ashley Recanati, author of AI Battle Royale: How to Protect Your Job from Disruption in the 4th Industrial Revolution. We discuss: 

  • where the lessons of previous industrial revolutions apply to this one 
  • how ‘knowledge workers’ can adapt their job to work with AI tools
  • the role of L&D in preparing people for the AI revolution. 

Ashley’s book is available from Barnes and Noble: 

You can find him on LinkedIn at:  


Also, exciting news! The Mind Tools team will be exhibiting at the Learning Technologies Conference on May 3 and 4. 

You can find us at Stand J50, next to Theatre 6. 

Our live sessions are: 

  • The problem your LXP can't solve: Useless content 
    (3rd May / 12:30 / Theatre 6 - 30 mins)
  • Watching someone speak in front of a slide deck is a terrible way to learn 
    (3rd May / 16:05 / Bitesize Learning Zone 2 - 15 mins) 
  • Panel: 20 Years of Benchmarking, with Laura Overton and Michelle Ockers 
    (4th May / 11:45 / Theatre 6 - 30 mins) 
  • Let’s make a podcast! 
    (4th May / 11:45 / Theatre 6 - 30 mins) 

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