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Apr 18, 2023

In an uncomfortable first for The Mind Tools L&D Podcast team, we’re handing over this week’s hosting duties to friend-of-the-show Matt Pleger, Organizational Development Consultant at UMass Memorial Health. Matt has been a long-time client of Ross G’s, and this time HE’S asking the questions. 

Owen, Ross G and Ross D discuss: 

  • how we got started in L&D 

  • what we’ve gained from doing the podcast 

  • our L&D ‘hot takes’ (something we believe about L&D that is provocative and maybe has some truth to it). 

In ‘What I Learned This Week’, Owen discussed Artifact, a new app from the minds behind Instagram: 

Ross D discussed the AI companion who will never die, argue, or cheat:  

And Matt discussed Google Lens (, and why he keeps a ‘Commonplace’ book: 

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