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Jan 17, 2023

Industry awards offer a chance to reflect on your work, raise your profile and win some prestige, but they also take a lot of work. So if you’re going to enter, you want to maximise the chances of winning.

In this episode of The Mind Tools L&D Podcast, former co-host James McLuckie of MAPAL joins Ross G and Ross D to share his insights and entrant and judge. We discuss:

  • how the process works
  • advice for structuring your submission
  • how to deliver a persuasive presentation.

If you’re interested in entering an award, check out the Learning Technologies Awards ( and the Learning Awards (

For details of Ross D’s recent win, see:

At the top of the show, Ross G referenced the Learning Performance Benchmark, a free tool that can help you take a data-based approach to evaluating your team’s L&D performance. To find out more, visit:

In ‘What I Learned This Week’, Ross D recommended Deep Work by Cal Newport:

James discussed #SpedUpSounds and an article from The Guardian:

Ross G recommended Stephen L Chew and William J Cerbin’s article on the need for a theory of how people learn, published by Inside Higher Ed:

Thanks @NeilMosley5 on Twitter for that one.

For more from MAPAL, see:

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