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Oct 25, 2022

Once upon a midnight dreary, Ross G pondered, weak and weary
Whether Ross D might consider him a dry and awful bore—

If he proposed some gentle chatting, sprinkled with some caveating,

A pod with almost no formatting, on an essay he’d adored.

“’Tis about unity of effect in learning design,” he muttered, “by Edgar Allan Poe—

Only this and nothing more.”

We discuss:

  • why we are dedicating our Halloween Special to the application of Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Philosophy of Composition’ to modern-day learning design
  • the impact of ‘unity of effect’ on design decisions
  • how to create an emotional response in learning experiences.

To read Poe’s essay, see:

To read the full text of ‘The Raven’, see:

For The Simpsons version of this tale, see:

In ‘What I Learned This Week’, Ross D shared his insights from his recent marathon. Ross G discussed Paul Fairie’s (@Paulisci) Twitter thread on the many issues caused by bicycles:

If you’re interested in the poem that Ross G’s wife wrote, Edgar Allan Poem, see: (It inspired this episode!)

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