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Oct 3, 2022

How do you set your projects up for success? Does the SME and learning designer relationship really follow the buddy cop movie trope?

In this episode of the Mind Tools L&D Podcast, Claire, Sean, Tracey and Ross G share their experiences of working with SMEs and their insights into what makes a great working relationship.

We discussed: 

  • How to build a solid learning designer and SME relationship
  • Ways to engage SMEs effectively
  • The power of positive challenge

In WILTW, Sean shared some facts linked to the latest Frozen Planet.

Tracey told us about her planet-gazing, join her in finding out more facts about Jupiter on the NASA website.  

Ross talked about recent Economist article he’d read which introduced the new phenomenon of ‘champing’ camping in churches. You can read it here, ‘Britain’s empty churches are turning into campsites’.

Claire mentioned the SS Explorer currently docked in Leith, check out the preservation society page here.

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