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Jun 21, 2022

We’re all familiar with one-off learning events like e-learning modules, workshops and virtual classrooms. They’re common because they’re logistically easier for everyone, but how we can adapt these to embed learning after the event?

To discuss, Ross G and Owen are joined by Paul 'Westy' Westlake, Digital Director at PeopleUnboxed, and host of the PeopleUnplugged Podcast.

We discuss:

  • Problems with one-off events
  • Techniques to ensure they have greater impact
  • What it looks like to embed learning more systemically within a workplace.

Show notes

During the discussion, Ross referenced the work of Immersive Interactive:

We also referenced the Mind Tools report ‘Google it: The secret online lives of UK managers’:

You can find out more about People Unboxed at:

The People Unplugged podcast is online at:

In 'What I Learned This Week', Owen discussed the ‘(Not Boring) Habits’ app:

For the blog he recommended, see:

Ross mentioned the video game Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga, and Paul shared that the world’s largest tyre manufacturer is in fact Lego:

Ross learned about the 65537-gon:

And Owen spoke briefly about knot theory and proteins: Adams, C., Devadoss, J., Elhamdadi, M., & Mashaghi, A. (2020). Knot theory for proteins: Gauss codes, quandles and bondles. Journal of Mathematical Chemistry58(8), 1711-1736. Online at:

A wide-ranging discussion this week!

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