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May 12, 2020

In Shape Up, Ryan Singer shares the methodology that he and his colleagues at Basecamp use to 'ship work that matters'. The book presents itself as a guide for software developers, but what lessons does it hold for L&D?  

On this week's episode of The Good Practice Podcast, Ross D is joined by Owen, Nicola and Ross G for the third in our series of bimonthly 'book club' episodes. We discuss: 

  • our general impressions of the book
  • the differences between Basecamp's approach and other product development methodologies
  • key takeaways for L&D

Show notes

All of Basecamp's books, including Shape Up, can be downloaded for free on their website:

The macOS app Owen mentioned was 'Alfred':

 You can find out more about Chefs in Schools by visiting

You can listen to This American Life's Pulitzer-winning episode, 'The Out Crowd', on their website:

If you work in UX/UI and you're interested in joining a team that doesn't report to Ross Garner, check out these job listings:

For more from Emerald Works, see: 

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